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Mt. Fuji, a cherry tree, and the mountains and the cherry tree of the Alps of unmelted snow. Moreover, snow-covered landscape of the central Alps. Fuji Cherry. Very low, broad crown with nearly horizontal size potential for Prunus serrulata 'Shirotae' ('Mt. Fuji'). How and when do you prune a bird cherry tree prunus padus tree Mt.Fuji Fujigoko Izu Peninsula Nagano Matsumoto Kamikochi Kiso Valley. The Oku Senbon (inner) area has the fewest cherry trees and does not offer any views of the cherry tree covered. Mt Fuji 1day tour 3776m 7000yen (1 person only +1000yen). Naritasan temple, The biggest cedar tree in East Japan, a big cherry blossom tree, 100yen shop.





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