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Fruit and Seed Vegetables question: Is a potato a vegetable? Yes, a potato is a considered a vegetable The term vegetable is not a scientific term; the general definition is an. In India, the most popular potato dishes are aloo ki sabzi, and samosa, which is spicy mashed potato mixed with a small amount of vegetable stuffed in conical dough, and deep fried. RecipeSource is the new home of SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes and your source for recipes on the Internet. Because of their short growing season, Scandinavians, like all northern Europeans, were long forced to rely primarily upon potatoes and a limited number of root vegetables to see. Dark Green Vegetables raw baby spinach broccoli romaine lettuce. Orange Vegetables baby carrots baked sweetpotato. Dry Beans* and Peas cooked black beans





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