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Hastings® distributes shotgun barrels, choke tubes and other firearm accessories to dealers and retail resellers nationwide. We have established a reputation in the industry for. Shotgun Barrels, Chokes Accessories Sabot Slugs and components for accuracy innovation in the shooting sports. Hastings® distributes Laser-Accurate Sabot Slugs, Hastings® Open Field Shotguns, Hastings® shotgun barrels, choke tubes and other firearm accessories. Choke tubes and shotgun barrels from Hastings for sale at discount prices. Hastings choke tubes feature tight constrictions, high tech porting, and provide tight patterns, less. More gunstocks from Advanced Technology, SpeedFeed, Choate, TacStar and Thompson Center. See our Hastings Shotgun Barrel Page for shotgun barrels for Ithaca shotguns. Hastings rifled shotgun barrels are designed for firing slugs and are not to be confused with barrels of the Holland & Holland Paradox gun. "Paradox" has been used by Holland. Browse our huge selection of 12 Gauge shotgun barrels from the leading barrel manufacturers. Whether your looking to produce more consistent patterns with your current shotgun.





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