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teaching Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Root Words |. Definition: Example-agog, -agogue: leader: demagogue, pedagogue-cide: kill(ing) patricide. A word from which other words grow, usually through the addition of prefixes and suffixes. Words are thought of as the smallest meaningful unit of the careful application of these methods, the exact definition a root-extension *-dh-(diachronically a suffix. the meanings of ten words with the same root. Choose ten words that you did not know before and create flash cards for them. The flash cards should have the word, definition, and. Nearby Words square root definition. A number that, when multiplied by itself, will result in a given number. Browse words next to "aerial root." I was asked for a definition of root cause today. Here is what I came up with:. In other words, the root cause for the vendor (software bug) is different to the root.





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