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The ready-to-use kit contains six each of the following: pre-treated Easygel petri dishes, bottles of Easygel nutrient culture medium, and sterile pipettes, plus three inches of. Polypropylene Petri Dishes. Suitable for use in the Microwave Systems. Very sturdy. Bottom inside dimensions: 50mm dia. x 12mm deep Lid inside dimensions: 56mm dia. x 10mm deep Use this powerful technique to make selling easier and improve your results. Click for advice to a dealer about the Petri Dish Demos.. FREE Petri Dish so they. Petri dish. See Terms of Use for details. Privacy policy; About Wikimedia Commons; Disclaimers Economical enough for disposable use, yet sturdily designed for rigorous labwork, these Sterile Petri Dishes are a staple of any biological lab. Find a wide selection of labware.





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