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Box Beams, Ceiling Beam, Faux Wood Beams, ANY SIZE, made from reclaimed and rustic lumber. Old barn beams and boards shipped nationwide. Old beam photos. We have old barn wood, barn beams, barn boards, reclaimed wood flooring, vintage lumber making that exquisite replica piece, or replacing or repairing wood work, a ceiling beam. Ask the Orkin Man We would like to use an old barn beam as the mantel in our new home. I want to make sure it doesn't have termites, any suggestions? Old Barn Wood Flooring In made from antique barn wood is usually re-milled. While some people take issue with not using the wood in its original form—i.e. taking an old barn beam. Dairy Barn Older barns, were usually built from lumber most barns were timber framed (also known as post and beam. The old-style heavy timber framing, the cutting of the.





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