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This article discusses limitations of the FAT32 file system with Windows operating systems. The USB drive is formatted as FAT32 which, AFAIK, has a maximum file size of approx. Is it possible to override and/or remove this limitation of the software?. It has a rather serious limitation that the largest disk can only be 2 GB, so it was later extended to FAT32, a 32-bit variant, supported by Windows 95 OSR2 and later. Well, out of the box, it was formatted 500gb FAT32, and the limitation kicked in, even though it read as having a 500gb capacity. So I reformatted via the Mac, and same results. Meaning that only a 40gig hard can be fat32 (or only 40gig particion?) Anyways this doesnt make much sense to me. But still - better check, right? Is there such a limitation to. FAT32 breaks the 4-GB volume limitation of FAT16 by extending the maximum number of clusters to over 4 million. FAT32, as implemented in Windows 2000, can mount a volume as large. Somehow folders can be moved on fat32 by the previous versions of windows (9x) with. I assume Jeroen miss it because he says "api refuses to move folders", "API limitation not.





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