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Did you know that Valentine's Day is the fourth largest holiday for candy sales after Halloween, Easter and Christmas? Candy Math Lesson. Solve Some Tricky Valentine's Math. Here is a listing of ideas to support math on Valentine's Day in the classroom.. Valentine Math; Fun Valentine Candy Facts; Candy Hearts for Scrapbooking Valentine's Day Pages Valentine , theme Math Puzzle worksheets for first grade, second grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade. This activity provides a fun and exciting method through which TEENren can explore and internalize graphing skills. Specifically, the students will discover what color Valentine. Make your own matching Saint Valentine's Day cards, favors bags, place cards, napkin rings, and much more for your next Valentine's Day party or gathering! They are easy to print. Math -- counting and graphing. Wrap-up the above activity by bringing in a touch of math with Valentine Candy Count, a lesson for students in grades 1-4 that. A fun little Valentine crossword puzzle for TEENs.. Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle Candy Math. Give each TEEN a small cup of "Conversation Hearts" candy.





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