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Pour Tazo Passion tea over ice. Add syrup and sparkling water and stir well. Serve with a long-handled spoon as syrup can settle. Tazo® was created for one purpose: to reinvent tea. Tazo Teas have a broad tea drink line up that will delight any tea enthusiast. Each broad leaves, filter bag, tea latte and iced tea varieties are available in green tea, black tea. I've never been a coffee drinker. I often want to be a coffee drinker but I'm just not. Instead, I'm a tea drinker! Recently I had the opportunity to try out some fabulous tea from. Java Estate Iced Tea TAZO Tea NUMI Tea Filterbags Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate Da Vinci Tea Concentrate. Tazo Iced Tea Herbal Infusion Lemon Ginger. Tazo Tea Bags Green Ginger Blend of Green Teas with Ginger & Pear.





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