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This list is for Ben & Jerry's retired ice cream flavors, referred to by the company as its "Flavor Graveyard". References^ a b c d Do Us a Flavor - Ben & Jerry's Issues a Call for. Try Recipe Low-Fat Chocolate Cake - 277897 from This recipe has a 5.00 star rating and has been reviewed 2 times Provides complete nutritional information on Cake, snack cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, with frosting, low-fat based on serving sizes. This low-fat chocolate-chip Bundt cake is topped with a sweet chocolate drizzle. Low Fat Dessert Recipes - White Chocolate Cake This cake will be popular with all the family, and is a great treat to have without ruining your. Try this one, unusual but very good. 1 box cake mix. Use your chocolate cake mix. 1 Can diet soda. I would use Dr. Pepper with chocolate or if you can find the Fudge diet soda that. Fat in Cake, Dietary Fat Content of Cakes, Saturated. Chocolate cake (2oz). Low Calorie Booster Diet | Cholesterol-Lowering.





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