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The Grand Theft Auto "hot coffee" mod that has Hilary Clinton all worked up (warning: possibly the least erotic sex ever within). The makers of GTA: San Andreas have released a fix to disable access to controversial sex scenes. Hot Coffee uncensored dating with girlfirend vaginas!) to download a mod which removes the default censorship blur over mature scenes. Steve Coonan has the profitable business model all backward and inside- out. The Burlingame publisher runs a hot rod magazine, the Rodder's Journal, which sells a fraction compared. San Andreas sex-scene mod has watchdog group barking; Dutch hacker unmasked -- claims his patch only unlocks what was already in the code. Hot Coffee is defiantly attracting people to GTA San Andres just because it has sex in it.. I saw the sex scene in question on TV but all I really saw was a some really low.





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